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Fall in Love with Tennessee Pink Marble – Statue at the University of Tennessee Trial Gardens

Visitors and residents alike will appreciate touring these established attractions with a scavenger hunt in mind. Once you can identify Tennessee Pink Marble, you will see it everywhere throughout the region. Supplies were so abundant that many local public schools and churches have marble hallways, restrooms and window sills. Even kids enjoy spotting pink marble in unexpected places.  Certainly, the history buff will enjoy learning about the impact of the marble industry on Knoxville and the average tourist will appreciate the beauty left behind as a legacy of Marble City.

The Tennessee Pink Marble Trail is a volunteer effort to celebrate the proud heritage of the craftsman who created practical pieces, as well as works of art with this special pink stone. The goal of the driving Trail is to link bigger and smaller attractions together in an effort to cross-promote everything wonderful about South Knoxville.